T K Dance Stars is a family orientated Studio located in Sydney South! Our aim is to provide a nuturing and inspirational environment to each and every one of our students promoting personal achievement  and commitment.


Our Teachers:




Tamara Kate: (Principal)


Miss Tamara is a passionate and dedicated teacher of our T K Dance Stars family. Fully qualified with the Australasian Dance Association including her Advanced Diplomas in Tap and Jazz, Miss Tamara has a strong focus on inspiring the dancer within each and every student. 





Chris McCarthy:


Miss Chris is one of our most valuable teachers at T K Dance Stars. As fully qualified member with the Australasian Dance Association and as an Australian Member of the IDO (International Dance Organisation) Miss Chris always has the students best interests at heart whilst bringing in fantastic results!




Robyn McCarthy:


Miss Robyn is a well loved teacher at T K Dance Stars. As an examiner with the Australasian Dance Association and with over 50 years teaching experience, Miss Robyn provides an inspirational perspecitive within the studio.




Madison Kennedy:

Miss Madi has trained in dance for over 15 years, starting at the age of 2, in all styles of dance. Throughout her training she has competed in many eisteddfods, including championships and scholarships. Miss Madi was fortunate enough to compete in the International Dance Championships back in 2009, which she was crowned 1st prize and invited to dance in Germany. Madison has completed all her A.D.A exams receiving Honours plus and Honours with distinction including her Pre Elementary, Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced Teaching Diploma Certificates with the Australasian Dance Association (ADA). Miss Madi is also studying full-time dance at Dargie Entertainment and is also partaking in many local musical society shows.




Simone Foster:

Miss Simone has always been behind the scenes at T K Dance Stars and has officially joined our full time teaching team this year ! Miss Simone loves sharing her passion, wisdom and knowledge for dance with all of our students. Her wealth of knowledge in all genres will be widely appreciated and loved by our stars for many years to come!





Georgia Scott:

Miss Georgia’s passion for dance started at an early age. Miss Georgia dances all genres of dance and has competed in many Eisteddfods and entered many community musicals successfully. Miss Georgia has not only competed but placed 1at in many of the ADA Awards competitions including the Ballet Scholarship in 2015. To date Georgia has completed ADA exams excelling in her results, including Pre Elementary and Elementary teachers examinations with the Australasian Dance Association (ADA). Georgia’s affectionate spirit is rather contagious and is delighted to be joining the TK Dance Stars family!

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