Can you feel the unspent energy that isolation is causing in your household? 


Want to keep your kids engaged in physical activity whilst keeping them safe from COVID-19? 


Sadly, we’ve had to shut the studio doors for the time being, but we want to keep our family business up and running, bringing joy to your kids and keeping them active. 


All that energy that’s usually spent at school, play dates, and after school activities needs to go somewhere! 


We’re now online! We’re recording lessons online. That means your child can get dancing at whatever time suits your schedule. 


Take the dancing outdoors on the grass, in the garage, or put on a show in the living room. We’d love to see photos of them practicing too. 

Click here to enrol directly into one of our courses today !

The studio has closed for COVID, but we've got online lessons!


We’re opening up a special Keep Dancing Fund for those who can’t afford lessons (and we know this is a tough time for many). We especially want to support those who have been affected by the bushfires, have recently lost their jobs, or who are working tirelessly throughout the crisis to ensure we all have food, transport, and good health. If that's you, let us know and apply for free lessons here.


If you have a bit of money to spare, you can donate the costs of classes to kids who otherwise wouldn’t have the chance. 


You can donate 5 classes for $50, or you can donate the cost of a single class for $15. The best part, for every class donated, T K Dance Stars will donate another!

At the end of each month, TK Dance stars will also donate an additional amount of the fund to charities working to keep families safe especially during COVID-19.

Contribute to the fund here: 

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